Choice R-421A is the only two-component blend commercially available for R-22 retrofits, which appeals to customers with concerns about refrigerants that contain hydrocarbons such as Butane, Isobutane, and Isopentane. We believe that these properties of Choice R-421A make it an especially good candidate for residential A/C R-22 retrofits, where the simplicity of the retrofit process and the performance are paramount.

R-421A Applications

R-421A is formulated to work in a variety of applications, including air conditioning split systems, heat pumps, supermarket pak systems, dairy chillers, reach-in storage, bakery applications, refrigerated transport, self-contained display cabinets, and walk-in coolers.

  • R-22 Replacement Refrigerant
  • The only two-component refrigerant blend
  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Requires no oil change
  • Compatible with MO, AB & POE lubricants
  • No hydrocarbons
  • Performance comparable to R22
  • Non-flammable, rated A1 by ASHRAE
  • Used in a wide variety of applications

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