The key to HVAC installation is creating a permanent, airtight seal with no leaks. According to the Air Diffusion Council’s estimate, more than 600 million feet of insulated (all R-values), non-insulated, metallic and non-metallic flexible duct was produced in 2012. With so many feet in the market, it’s imperative that seals be done right…the first time.

While many HVAC contractors rely upon cloth duct tape for their installs, film tapes, such as DC 181 from Shurtape®, are gaining traction thanks to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility. DC 181 is a film tape designed for sealing Class 1 Flex duct – and is UL 181B-FX Listed, helping to make every job code-complaint.

Today, building codes require the use of a tape that is UL 181B-FX Listed for sealing flex duct connections. Code compliance against UL 181B-FX requirements ensures the tape has the proper adhesion and extended-life shear strength to stay in place effectively for long periods of time. If the right tape isn’t used, the HVAC system will fail the building inspection.

DC 181 is designed for connecting, joining, sealing and patching flexible air ductwork. An aggressive, yet conformable tape solution, DC 181 is easy-to-unwind, hand-tearable, and features a printed BOPP film and water-based acrylic adhesive. It’s ideal for creating airtight, permanent and waterproof connections on Class 1 Flex duct to prevent air loss.

“The key here is air leakage,” said Roy Cox, market manager – contractor markets, Shurtape. “DC 181 allows you to seal connections and seams so that air doesn’t leak out of the system and ruin the system’s efficiency. Why install a high-efficiency heat pump if you’re going to lose all that energy through leaks in the ductwork?”

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DC 181 is tested in accordance with UL 723 and is also a Shurtape Green Point Contributor Product – meaning it contributes to LEED®* certification points when combined with other eligible building materials.

For more information about Shurtape’s DC 181 film tape or other HVAC tapes, please visit the Shurtape Page